US-China relations
Our private investigators provide the clients political deep insights and go beyond the news. Our forward-looking risk analysis demonstrates the business impact of the U.S.-China conflict. We integrate with world politicians, officials and regulators to provide deep insights into countries' risks and opportunities for our client faced, furthermore, reduce and mitigate the risks for them.
Monetary policy
Hong Kong's monetary policy objective is to maintain a stable exchange value of the Hong Kong dollar. Hong Kong is a highly externally-oriented and open economy without imposing foreign exchange controls.Our Economics & Policy practice in Hong Kong provides our clients with the insights and quantitative edge.We offer comprehensive, high-quality financial advisory services, and tailored integrated solutions to our clients in addressing different aspects of M&A and Crisis events. We provide financial & economic analysis, reporting and strategic consulting for a wide variety of public, private & non-profit organizations.
Regional conflict
We help our clients solve the various problems they may encounter in geopolitical conflicts. Anticipate and pre-empt all possible dangers. We help clients develop a foresight to detect potential threats or opportunities in their environments.We relentlessly stay alert to all disruptive factors and help mitigate risks.

Supply chain
POG group can optimize your supply chain and support your business strategy. With POG, you’ll get customized solutions. Our teams and their deep understanding of the local market conditions help enterprises move beyond cost savings and make the supply chain their competitive advantage. Our core business areas within Supply Chain Advisory are:Quality Assurance, Procurement & Sourcing, Audits & Certifications, and Market Entry & Sales. Our group can help manage your supply chain, or just specific assignments, to ensure suppliers and stakeholders are capable of meeting your requirements, quality standards and growth targets.
Human rights
Our team works with clients to identify and avoid risks to human rights, and to manage the associated risks to their own business.
We can help you to:
Recognise, and position yourself to take advantage of, the many opportunities presented by the evolving business and human rights landscape Develop corporate human rights policies and governance frameworks Conduct human rights due diligence, impact assessment and stakeholder engagement including structuring, strategy and issue prioritisation Manage risks in the context of business relationships and transactions, including through contractual requirements and codes of conduct Comply with national and international reporting requirements and standards Design effective processes to identify and mitigate modern slavery risk, and to comply with reporting obligations Establish and implement human rights grievance mechanisms Investigate and resolve disputes

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