About Us

Pearl of Orient Group (POG) L.L.C

Pearl of Orient Group (POG) L.L.C was established in 2017 with the aim to contribute to the development of companies'national and international competitive capacity.

In recent years,especially since 2016,the influence of political factors on business investment has become more and more Significant.POG was established to help clients avoid losses due to local policy.

Our company providers the Fortune 500 enterprises and International NGOs with in-house consulting reports on investment and policy consultation.We have long been cooperating with experts and scholars in various fields just like US-China relations,monetary policy,regional conflict,supply chain,human rights.Our strategic counsel shapes the solutions for our clients'business to succeed.

We have established an office in Malaysia and are currently looking for pool talents to conduct a joint study to serve our clients' interests in different respects.


Address:25-32 Heipo Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong

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